im sick of people saying LOOK AT WHAT TO HAPPENED TO KEIKO. we cant release any orca whenever. you ask to release to release a orca. people will bring up keiko ALL THE TIME. AND IM SICK OF IT. the truth when keiko was released marine parks world wide where. in fear in when he was released the other captive orcas would be to. and thats true orcas. are the main money makers. when keiko died in 2003. of pneumonia most orcas die of this not starvation. like marine parks say the marine parks.told this lie that keiko only lived a few weaks. in the wild and died of starvation. and told the news people. this it was told in the news paper that keiko died of starvation a lie. made up by the marine parks since this people. where sure no captive orcas could be released again. marine parks even had plans to recapture. keiko they got there way. by lieing to you all. heres the truth keiko lived in the wild. for several year.s how could he die of not eating for that long. he hunted for himself. he went 1000 miles from iceland to norway by himself. he socialized with other pods. and this picture proves keiko. was happy to be free. actions speak louder than words. and he looks like a surfboard. in fact. keiko looks more happy then. he ever did in his life. and his dorsal fin. was going back up. something no captive orca has ever done. and pneumonia makes you. get weight loss. in fact. the worlds best ocean scientist. said his release was a success. and he said the only time keiko was under. weight before he died. was his time in mexico. the only bad thing about his release. was thet he never found his pod. and people tried as hard as they could. to find them. and keiko was watched closely after his release. and people put something on him. to track him down so no keiko. and other orcas will never be sent out to the sea. and hope for the best. and watch the movie. keiko the untold story for more info. and watch the movie born free. its about a lion called elsa who was only a few weaks old when captured. but she was set free and it was a success. she even had cubs of her own. that movie is based of a true story. if a lion can do it so can a orca. and there are dolphins and other animals. that have been in captivity for many years. and have been released and all or most of them where. successful people watched them. until these animals died as well. watch this video. keiko had a bittersweet ending. im glad he was set free.. and died free at least people made sure. he was well cared for we saved keiko. keiko lived to be 26 or 27 wild male. orcas live at least. 30 years so it was close. and he lived longer then most captive orcas. and keiko died earlier then he was supposed to happens to animals and people a lot mosty the good ones. look at luther vandross. he died at 54 of a stroke. keikos death had nothing to due with him being in captivity most of his life. keiko was finaly free. and free to do whatever. he wanted. if lolitas release. what it most. likely wont. fails she will stay in a seapen. same with the other orcas. lolita has been remeber her pod. and we know where it is. and all the stuff. i said before this are 100% true. i promise to god. look it up if you think im lying. sorry for this long rant. if you want to debate come to my profile. im very good at debates.
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