Amethyst Sarasa

Amethyst Sarasa
This is Amethyst, the daughter of Luigi and Daisy. Once again, this is a fan made character by me, and is unofficial. Amethyst is good friends with Toadette, and they even sing in a band together named "Jewel & Shroom". Amethyst is really smart, so she skipped 5th grade and went STRAIGHT to high school! Same with her friend, Tylie. The school Amethyst and Tylie go to is Mushroom High. Amethyst does not like being kissed, tickled, or even hugged! If you hug her, you will suffer some consequences. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at 7 years old, and she LOVES to take risks! One time, Amethyst and her friends were in Diamond City and she put her friends on Wario's bike, and JUMPED OVER 12 BUILDINGS! Amethyst was born on November 13, 2002.
creato da: RosalinaStar

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