Aspen ~ID~ (Anyone want to roleplay with her?)

Aspen ~ID~ (Anyone want to roleplay with her?)
aaaaah, finally, a Blingee of Aspen that didn't come out like shit! :'D Awww, I just looooove her look! c': _____ Name: Aspen _____ Nickname(s)/Pet name: Penny _____ Pronunciation: Ahs-pehn _____ Meaning: It's a type of tree. _____ Origin: I named her after a tree because she's a grass-type Pokemon. ^-^ _____ Gender: Female _____ Orientation: Straight _____ Species: Shaymin _____ Personality: Tomboy-ish, but often sweet with others. _____ Colors: Darker than a regular Shaymin's _____ Eye Color: Supposed to be gray, but I couldn't change the color, so they'll stay green. :S _____ Birthmarks/scars: None, and if she gets any scars, she'll go get them healed at the Pokemon Center. _____ Likes: Running, flying, being free, playing with other Pokemon, cuddles<3. _____ Dislikes: Too much training, and aggressive trainers. _____ Martial Status: Single, and looking for a mate C: _____ Mate: No :c _____ Offspring: None _____ Mother: Another Shaymin _____ Father: A Mightyena, that's where she got her dark colors. _____ Siblings: None that she knows of. _____ Other info: Like a regular Shaymin, she can turn into her Sky Forme during the day. C: Also knows the moves Air Slash, Energy Ball, Sweet Kiss, and Leaf Magical Leaf. _____
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