Glamour puss~single

Glamour puss~single
Full Name: Gianna cariffa Pronunciation: Gee-ah-nah cah-ree-fah Nickname (s)/Alias: Glamour Puss,Gia Name Meaning: IDK Name Origin: French Personality: Sassy,Flirty,attitudish,and LOTS O SELF ESTEEM Defects: she has back pain a lot Real Age: 20 Looks (years): 13 (I guess to me) Species: fox lion Breed: purple star Birthday: Still deciding Death day: she's alive Birthplace: in a forest in gypservanna Mortal or Immortal: Immortal Gender: Female Sexual Orientation: straight Crush(s): None yet Boyfriend/ girlfriend: no Husband/ Wife: no Son(s):no Daughter(s):WTF????? Ethnicity: ? Eye Color: black Hair Color: purple Body Attributes:Star on her left eye and moon on the left,choker and blue fluff on her tail arm, and chest, YOU CANT FORGET THE BOA!!!!!! Physical Look: chunky monkey :3 Height: 4'2 Cup Size: nope Preferred Underwear Type:DONT WEAR ANY! Birthmarks/Scars: star and moon on her eyes Phobias: deciding Addictions: drugs and mirrors Dressing Style: girly,sassy,bitchy Habits: smoking Scent: white diamonds perfume Mom: pink Dad: Quinten Brother (s):no Sisters (s): Dolci Enemies: Pearla Bosses: nope Pets: Candy pop Weapons: tail Tattoos: no Piercings: On her sides,arms,ears and tail Marital Status: single Sex Life: eh..... Haven't RPed her before Turn-Ons: tuxedos and bow ties <3 Turn-Offs: Deciding Virginity: Yes virgin ^^ Element: night Occupation: Fashion designer Powers/Abilities: Tail swipe and levatation Origin of Powers: Mom Weaknesses: Day Immune to: Stuff Power Restrictions: Up to 100% of energy Favorite Colors: purple Favorite Foods: Ginger,fries,and Salad (she,s a vegetarian) Favorite Drinks: Soda and Energy drinks such as monster and red bull Favorite Dessert: Sundae Favorite Games: She isn't a gamer Favorite Music Genre: Pop and Rap Favorite Singers: Katy Perry,Lil wayne,Snoop dawg,and others Favorite Bands: One direction is all I can think of right now Theme Songs: Sexy back Justin Timberlake Quotes: None yet Favorite Words: Deciding Likes: Mirrors,Make up,music, and a few other things Dislikes: Her parents, Pearla, and Dolci Hobbies: Art,Fashion, Reading Teen magazines,and More Languages: English Accent: Regular Voice (sounds like): Ariana Grande Voiced As: Ariana Grande Singing Voice: Ariana Grande Adopted or created by me: Created How it is it related to me: My cousin
creato da: shadowsay...

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theswanprince... ha detto:

1883 days fa

kaykitty727 ha detto:

2295 days fa
__  _ -- ___
'=_ \(",)/_='
....(')…(') Fabulous!

JustPeachyYay ha detto:

2295 days fa
Sure drake can be with her ^^

JustPeachyYay ha detto:

2295 days fa
so kawii!!

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