Think Again Band **Anime Version**

Think Again Band **Anime Version**
Alright This is Blackhouses Band in Anime Version Well Sorta of what they would look like in anime version :) Details... **1st one Blackhouse**... 1 Kiss On cheek,Vinillia Creamy Skin,Brown Polymorph Tee-shirt,Korean Flag **he lives there**,Deadly Skull **he is deadly in personal ways..**,Drawn Blinking heart,Sexy Pointing too blackhouse,Its me Signiture,Shining Hearts Between Collins and Blackhouse...,Me+you <3 Writing,Pink Blushing :o,Sparkles in his eye,now for Collins the Second one :)... >,Collins is Blackhouse's Lover or AMOR Philippines Flag,Yucky Yellow Colored Shirt,Tight Jeans,You <3 Sign from the middle of Blackhouse and Collins,Kiss on cheek,Sparkles in both eyes,Shining heart from the between them,Turquoise hair,Blushing**Looking at Blachkouse thats why xD,Pink Bandaid on Neck,>>3rd one is either Ronco or YoshiGlade O.O idk lol,anyways,Black shirt that says black on it,100% Sexy Signitured,Thailand **He lives there flag**,2 kisses on neck and 1 on his cheek,Kawaiian Signitured **Goes too >>>> but its Between them....,Silverish Navy Blue hair color,Peachy Skin,Emo Black Gloves,Pink Bandaid on neck,>>>>,He is Either Yoshiglade or Ronco i think he's Ronco and <<< is Yoshiglade.... So Anyways Yoshiglade 4th one >>>> UK Hat with Silly face tee-shirt,Tight Jeans,Russian Flag **He lives there**?,Angeletic Heart,Kpop hat,Chocolate Hair,Peachy Kawaiian Skin,Pink Bandaid on his Wrist or Lowerest part of arm, so thats all the details please read it if you want more info on who they are :)
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