Raven Wing ~ID~

Raven Wing ~ID~
Adopted from MedabotAndronica on DeviantArt. ||| Name: Raven Wing ||| Nicknames: None ||| Gender: Female ||| Age: Filly ||| Species: Pegasus ||| Likes: Flying, birds, (especially ravens) resting on tree branches, her friends ||| Personality: Quiet, mysterious ||| Dislikes: Dresses, fancy ponies ||| Crush: None ||| Special Somepony: Too young ||| Foals: Too young ||| Family: Unknown ||| Cutie Mark/Special Talent: Undiscovered yet, but she lives for flying with ravens. (Her cutie mark is going to be a black feather, and her talent is going to be opening a raven clinic, where she takes care of babies that have been abandoned, or ravens who have been hurt.) ||| Other info: Not remembering any of her family, she's usually seen traveling with ravens. The ravens have gotten used to her, because of her black mane and wings, and they have no problem with her traveling with them. She believes that ravens are very spiritual creatures. ||||||
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