Great Balls Of Firestarters

Great Balls Of Firestarters
Sharp Edges/Pt.12:Great Balls Of Firestarters(2)..Later on in the late afternoon of that day Jarvis & Edgar the same police officers that had questioned Dana when her nephew Liam had mysteriously disappeared came by to inform Kat(Katrina)of her parents' deaths & to question her of her whereabouts. Lib told them Kat babysitted her daughter Aut last nite & had stayed over all nite there. All Kat did was cry & nodd her head in agreement. She didn't want to believe her parents were really dead so it really hit hard when they confirmed it to be true. Her body shook & she fainted twice../Jarod drove Kat & Dana to school on her 1st day back & dropped them off. Everything seemed to be going ok up til around lunchtime.Every1 heard the fire alarms in the building go off. Teachers tried to keep the students lined up like they had praticed in the school's fire drills & keep them calm but most began to panic when they looked out into the hallways & saw the smoke..Kat felt herself unable to breathe like the oxygen in her lungs had shut off. She was suffocating. All she could inhale was the smoke. Her eyes began to sting & hurt. For a brief moment she thought she had seen Dana & heard her calling out her name but then her voice had faded & she had disappeared..There was so much going on around her,but she could not see. She heard the screams of panic & the sound of shoes squeaked as they skittered on the hard wood floor. Then there was no sound but the sound of her pounding heart. She had somehow managed to make it out of the smokey building but from behind her she heard a man's voice reciting a poem to her. "I play better than u at this fire game. U can not beat me 'Cuz u can try as u will with all ur might lil girl & still u will not defeat me." She turned around..Comin' from out of the smoke & flames Gavin appeared..Kat saw the fireball lungin' toward her. Her eyes grew wide with terror as she fell backwards down the concrete steps of the school. She thought she was a goner but be4 it got to her it stopped in midair & froze. Kat remembered Liberty had told her she was a firestarter too. She had not praticed any of her skills but somehow she knew what to do. Gavin's eyes were wide with surprise as Kat stood up to face him. It was like being in a final showdown of an old western gunfight. Each standin' on their side face to face waitin' to see who pulled the fastest trigger & shot the other. Gavin lunged the 1st fireball, but she threw it back at him & it blasted above his head. Fire fell down on him catching his hair on fire. He opened his mouth wide & screamed outloud. With his hair ablaze Kat watched as he ran down the road still screamin' at the top of his lungs. She then recited her own poem to him. "Little boys shouldn't play with fire. U said U were better than me but you're a liar 'cuz U said I couldn't beat u at this game Now looks like you're the one that went up in flames. U lunged ur fireball but missed the target's aim. It got u instead. U never know where it will go once the fire starts to spread. That's why nomatter how good u are U should never let it go to ur head."..Katrina laughed._ ©copyrighted by:Becky J
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Pixytta ha detto:

2247 days fa
I love your stories!! big fan!! Awesome as always, LOVE IT!! so Amazing!!!!

Darklingangel ha detto:

2288 days fa
wicked kewl work of art sis and awesome new chapter to your story

kuleshova ha detto:

2288 days fa

KMBJTH ha detto:

2289 days fa
Awesome!! Great effects!! 5 stars!!

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