Enchanted story and art by Connie Hull aka Joyful226

Enchanted story and art by Connie Hull aka Joyful226
Once upon time in a land far away a beautiful Princess named Rebbecca was in prison because her lady in waiting had lied about her when she was a baby, and told her parents she had died. She wanted to raise the child, because she could have none of her own, besides which, the king had plenty so to have one less child shouldn't be a big problem to him. It was because of this, she kept the child hidden away in the very tall turret of the castle where her parents never knew she lived. The young princess Rebbecca would pray that someday a handsome prince or anyone would find her and save her. She did prefer the idea though of a handsome prince. Then one day as she was looking out her window she saw something. He was all dressed in silver and ridding a very fast steed. As she watched him get closer and closer the evil lady in waiting, Gizelda, came into to the room. She told Princess Rebbecca he would never come for her, because he had no idea she was there. Nonetheless, Princess Rebbecca refused to give up hope that one day he would come. Unbeknownst, to Gizelda, however he had seen the Princess. In his mind he thought about how he could rescue her. He knew the first thing was he had to do was get around the evil Gizelda. Thus he watched her comings and goings because the handsome knight in shinning armor had heard the story, and wondered if it were true. When he looked up at the window he saw her .. princess Rebbecca the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. He knew he had to have her. One thing he had to do before he could have his beautiful love was lure the evil Gizelda away. He did it thusly. He found out how fond she was of crumpets and honey and invited her to dine. She thought he was smitten with her beauty for among other things Gizelda was also filled with vanity. It was because of this,when he found Gizelda wandering in the gardens outside the kings castle, he asked her to come and dine at his castle. As he lured her in, he filled a wine glass full of drugged wine and presented it to her. She drank it while flirting never tasting the drugged wine. When she passed out he put her in the dungeon and got on his horse and rode as fast as he could to save Princess Rebbecca. When he brought the princess out of her prison everyone in the kingdom was so happy and a huge ball was given. The King and Queen were ecstatic to have their daughter back. What happened to the knight in Shinning Armor? Well he was soon to be a prince for he and the princess were married and lived happily ever after. And so it was the princess got her wish that indeed she was saved by a handsome Prince. by Connie Hull
creato da: joyful226

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fantastically beautiful Blingee!!!!!!+5+5+5+5

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♥(•.•)♥ ...///  ƸӜƷ♥♥ Beautiful 5 *!  

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¯`•♥•´I love it♥compliments♥+5*****♥
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(¯ `·.(♥).·´¯)♥you're truly sweet and kind♥
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wundervoll 5+ schönen abend und frohes schaffen - hug and kisses 

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