OMG THIS BASE TOOK ME SO LONG TO EDIT!!! *Goes psycho and bangs my head on the computer desk* Oh and it belongs to Michy123 on dA :3 I might submit this to my other account, but I don't really wanna right now Dx So yeah, title says it all. Enjoy this short, cheesy, love story!----------------------Joray is scouting the pack territory in case there are any predators. "Hmmmm..." she sighed and sat down on a small hill and watched as the sun starting to set on the colorful horizon. Tonight was a very special day. It was only for teenage wolves who weren't mates but in love with each other. Hundreds and hundreds of stars come together and form shapes and change colors to look like fire. She longed to go, but sadly the one she loved...she wasn't sure if he loved her back. "Boo!" shouted a male voice from behind. She felt something leap onto the tip of her tail. She was surprised, but not very scared. She turned around and saw Faolan, the large silver wolf who helped her join the MacDuncan clan. Faolan had leap on the tip of Joray's long, fluffy tail. He was rolled over on his back, her tail in between his legs which were forming an X shape. He moved his head to the side so her tail wasn't covering his muzzle and she could understand what he was saying. "Hey Joray! We haven't talked much since you joined the clan...heh..." Joray giggled and stood up, her tail slipping out of Faolan's grip. She turned around and stood over Faolan. She had never seen him act like this. Faolan was trying to impress her, Joray absolutely hates others who are too serious. He stuttered, her ocean blue eyed gaze was gorgeous, especially with the reflection of the sunset. Faolan didn't really have a crush on here or anything...but if he did ever have one he might as well make a good impression now. Joray was getting impatient and Faolan could tell, so he just blurted out the question, "Willyougolookatthestarswithme?!" He said it so fast that Joray couldn't understand him. "Huh?" she said, confused. Faolan rolled over and stood up. He stood much taller than Joray and tried to look good. With a deep breath, he slowly said it again. "Will you go look at the stars with me?" He still didn't really 'love' her, he just didn't want her to be lonely. Joray felt like screaming out yes and nodding her head like a bunch of leeches were stuck to it and she was trying to shake them off. But to make it seem like so was normal, she hesitated. "Hm? Oh uh...yeah sure." she said in a calm, cool voice looking off to the side. She fixed her posture by puffing out her chest more and moving her front legs and back legs together, and perking up her ears. Faolan smiled, "Shall we go? The sun is about to set and its kinda far away." said Faolan. Joray agreed and stood next to him, but not too close. The walked aide by side and finally arrived by a cliff where there were several other pairs of wolves. The stars glowed and ambery color and reflected of Joray's snow white fur, giving it a fiery glow. Faolan was stunned by her beauty. They sat not too far from the edge. They talked for awhile and started making more of a connection. Now Faolan was truly in love with her, and didn't regret his decision to ask her at all. Around midnight, a large group of stars formed a heart shape, along with the largest, brightest star any of the wolves have every seen glowing in the center. The star shone right on Faolan and Joray. That meant the two were meant to be. The other wolves were happy for them and yowled and howled and yipped and barked. Joray smiled, and Faolan nuzzled her as the stars shone on them. They were truly meant to be.
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