This is my LOVVVE!!!*kisses him* <444

This is my LOVVVE!!!*kisses him* <444
Me:Ok I have a gangster for a boyfriend..u might think thats bad, but its not!!! He was always there nd I was there for him, we never left each other no matter wat went down!^^ ~~ When I was in 6th grade I met this guy Branden (my lover know) we went out like 5 or 6 times.. we were young nd we were tryin to work things out but ^^" back then it was hard since he was always getin in trouble nd Im the gooood girl....when summer break came we broke up cause I thought he was cheatin and we stoped talkin for almost 2 years T-T then last summer I was on myspace nd he messaged me nd at first I was hella messed to him I also had another bf (Miguel know my ex) by that time me and him dent see each other at all nd Miguel wanted my baby nd at first I said no, but I was stupid I told him yes finally nd Branden got pissed cause he loved me still... T-T *tears* It was hard cause I loved Branden like a bro, but he wanted me as his girl and then I met Roy(Branden's best friend) He was hellla sweet but then he fell in love with both Branden and Roy tried to work things out but they both went against Miguel, but finally after all the drama with Miguel we broke up...*cries* nd less then a week Roy asked me out on my b-day I dent say yes until 2 days later but Branden told me he was cheatin!!! >.< soo I broke up with him and know me nd Branden HATE Roy nd he hates us!!! -.-" Finally things went right but Roy talked alot of shitt about Branden so they wanted nd still want to fight Dx I dont want this to happen but I cant stop it....nd also the day after me nd Roy broke up Branden needed a place to stay so he stood over my house but we kinda had sex first protected but its been a month nd he is over all the time nd my parents dent know...then we did it without protection nd its a 50% i might be pregnant....but Me nd Branden went thru alot nd I wont give up on him I know he'll do better but last night 1/27/11 he came over again but my family caugh him nd my big dumbass bro hit him a couple of times I tried to stop it but he thru me on the ground T-T nd my parents were hellllla mad nd took him home nd took away my phone nd IM SOOOOOOOO SORRRY ITS ALL MY FAULT BUT I LLLOOVVEEE U BRANDEN <44444 I HOPE ILL TALK TO U SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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SexyAngel908 ha detto:

3425 days fa

BrightDawnPack ha detto:

3443 days fa
awwwwww thanks everyone I hope things will be ok to ^^

TekkenxXx ha detto:

3444 days fa
like the other comments said, it is so nice when a couple pulls through ^^' i don't have a bf yet

BoltTheDog ha detto:

3444 days fa
dude that's o ne dramatic love life o-o thats so cute though whenever a couple pulls through x3 & i've dated one or two gangsters, not like full on, but the bad-boys. my sorta-bf is emo though ...:P but anyways, hope you & him have a good life together(: (i made it sound like marriage-_-)

RiverValleyHerd ha detto:

3444 days fa
Geez... I'm sorry you had to go through all of that.. I hope things turn for the best!

wolflover2000 ha detto:

3444 days fa

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