5 Steps To Eternity

5 Steps To Eternity
I stopped sending emails to The White House and the FBI last year. The FBI started calling my mother when I would contact them and they even went to her job. I stopped researching legal matters because it's hurts to send long emails to sociopath's and know that they aren't going to help you. I live in Kentucky and I know there are targets here but, I know them through another female target. I actually sent emails to ABC, NBC, ABC's 20/20 and many local and national magazine's and news papers. The only thing I think I can do is continue to expose what's happening and I think that although many targets have already been to school and have a career, they should consider going back to school or taking up a class. There would be perp's in the class but, if you make yourself searchable online than the people who target you in class can know who they are messing with. Some perp's have no idea that they are bothering rape victim's, its also like the people they work for tell them a bunch of bogus shit about their target and the perp goes in blind sided. Its a little different with managers and supervisors. If you watch Conspiracy Theory "Big Brother", you'll see that there is a group called Infragard which has over 32,000 members and the people who are on top like managers, know in depth about what targets are going through and they seem to know that the goal is suicide. Although I get depressed thinking about people like you who've been going through this since 2002 and the one's who've been through this 30-40 years but, I still think that if people start putting themselves "out there", this will be exposed more. We need people promoting their channels on the street and posting flyers helps. We also need more people making video's explaing what what they going through. Some people on the FFCHS board have told me to stop blogging about electronic assaults on the genitals and nightmare's and i refuse because when I started my Blingee account in March of 2009, I did things not knowing what I was going through and I pretty much said "someone is watching me and reading my journal" and I didn't have the proof to back that up until October of 2009 when someone left me a comment saying "look up blue beam project" in October of 2009. I hate saying "I can't wait to meet more targets" but, what I mean is "I can't wait until more and more people discover the truth and start helping us expose the truth". 2007-2009 was the hardest for me because I was blindsided and knew nothing until October of 2009. I have watched people come and go on youtube and it was wild seeing the user's who uploaded video's about witch craft being in music and said that demons were entering our homes because of music and because us freemason's throwing up their little hand signs. I'm glad that people have realized that if witch craft is in music, it didn't start raping them until they offended the government or some major corporation. Although I feel like the youngest person within the targeted indiviudals community, I am really hopeing that the people who are dealing with this and don't know it, come out. Do you know that there are celebrity's who know about Nuff Respect and other people on Youtube? Its a shame because there are people who are taking on other people's battles, and they are defending the honor of people, not just celebrity's and these cowards are sitting back and watching them do all the work....they aren't doing anything to help besides profitting off people, especially in the music industry. Its sucks that the FBI can come to my doorstep and tell my mother "your daughter is saying Miley Cyrus's dad is raping her and she keeps bringing up MK Ultra Programming" and Miley or who ever else isn't defending herself nor would she say anything if I was taken to jail for believing such a thing. Sometimes, I really think about what I'm doing and I wonder if its the right thing. The only thing that keeps me going to women like Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Karen Mulder because one can't deny the truth when they read up on what they've been through. In the end, I refuse to deal with this and be tortured and NOT fight back, so I figure that if I deal with this 4-6 more years, while I am in college, more and more people will discover the truth over the next 4-6 years. I wonder if I will live to be able to publish my journal but, I know that when or if I die, I won't go out like some of these famous people who said "I sold my soul" or "that music producer is the devil". Sometimes I feel like I'm not doing anything because I am still alive. Its like the people who have influence over other's and have tried to speak up have been killed...so the FBI/government knew their influence and I am over here thinking "damn, they aren't worried about the influence I am trying to have over people". This is a long email but, keep fighting back....all emails and some phone calls are intercepted with. They have taken the voice of my friend's and used them to make me think they know I am being tortured but don't care. I was talking to this guy who seemed to be a good friend and he offered me help with no strings attached and this man with his same voice called me and said some nasty things to me and while I know that my friend's voice could've been used, I still lost all contact with him. The goal for targets is suicide and they want us to isolate ourselves from everyone...family, friend's, teachers...everyone. I wonder if my students and teachers will judge me because my being assaulted in class could affect their health and make their health deteriorate quicker than my own. When I went to school for my GED last year, they gave me nightmare's of the male students in my class raping me and when I got to class, psychological mind games were played with me to make me think these males could have sex with me in my dreams so it was like they didn't have to physically rape me and what could I do? nothing can hurt me anymore and I am going to fight back until this stops or until they kill me. I know there are more targets in NYC because of 9-11 and I really hope that sooner or later, targets are able to come together and form some type of support in the cities they live in. I feel like an outcast with the targets online, most of them seem not to like me because most of them won't even accept my invite. One guy told me that some people might envy the way I SEEM to be handling this but, its hurts me a little and it makes me think that once I get through this, I'm never looking back on the people who didn't help me or support me or help me help them. You can't have 3-20 people on your list or except someone else to help you if you don't support the people who ask you questions like "how are you handling Myspace and what should I do to make sure there aren't a bunch of freaks in a fusion center harassing me"? I only opened a Myspace and Facebook account to exploit the truth. If you need me or need to rant or go to a website and need to me sign up, let me know. Focus on the public and the people in front of you that you see everyday. Post flyers on the bus stop and leave the address to your channel. It works. God Bless You and Please Don't Give Up
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This is very beautiful Alice! 5* and a silver!!

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3538 days fa
This is my reply to a  another male target who is gathering other's in the state he lives in. like me, he has contacted the white house, networks like ABC and local newspapers

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