Hate Is A Strong Word, Only Use It With The People You Used To Love - Elarn03 ©

Hate Is A Strong Word, Only Use It With The People You Used To Love - Elarn03 ©
Hate is a strong word, only use it with the people you used to love. As they say, hate is a strong word and if you hate and don't let go, you will become very sick. I believe you can only hate someone if you once loved them. OK, so that may only apply to people like me. I don't disrespect people that I used to be friends with and I'm not anymore. When you are my friend, you've got someone by your side, being loyal, listen to what you have to say, a person to be there for you if you need comfort, someone to tell you they love you and more. I don't know why but as I write this description my eyes begin to water and my heart sinks. If I'm your ex-friend, you get nothing but screaming, disrespect, you get called all the names under the sun, you get told that your guts is hated, you're spoken to rudely and much more. Ooh, my two ex-friends really need to learn the fact that your old friends love you more than what their new friends do! I hate them so much. I HATE THEM TO THE HARDCORE! I was there for them when they had no one. They left me for their new friends. They are not here for me now when I have no one. I used to love those two people. I used to care about them. I was there for them when they were sad. I was the one that was being loyal. I was the one that made them feel welcome. I was the one that sat with them when they were all alone. Truly, it doesn't bother me that they filled my head with crud about other people making fun of me. It doesn't bother me that they talked to me when no one was around. It doesn't bother me that I've lost two friends. It doesn't bother me that I'm heartbroken. The thing that does bother me is I WAS THERE WHEN THEY HAD NO ONE. THEY LEFT ME FOR THEIR NEW FRIENDS AND THEY'RE NOT HERE FOR ME NOW WHEN I HAVE NO ONE. It's their fault that I sit in the far paddock by myself every lunchtime. I can only be around my ex-friends when I'm in a very calm mood. If I'm one bit hyper or fiery, the volume will go from naught to one-hundred in under 3 minutes. YOU'RE MY EX-FRIEND AND I HATE YOU TO THE HARDCORE! You don't matter to me anymore, you're cut out of my heart, you've hurt me, I'm angry with you, you've lied to me, I don't miss you, I've lost trust in you, I loved you, you're a suck up arstist. What I'm trying to say is, you're my ex-friend and I hate you. There's a fine line between best friends and worst enemies. I only hate the people I used to love. If you never loved someone and you hate them, you don't hate them, you dislike them. You can only hate someone if you loved them first. Elarn03.
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