You're My Friend And I Love You 2

You're My Friend And I Love You 2
This is the same blingee as You're My Friend And I Love You without the poem thing before it. You mean so much to me, you're forever in my heart, you've been there for me, if you left, I'd miss you, I can trust you, I love you, you're a champion. What I'm trying to say is, you're my friend and I love you. (There's a fine line between best friends and worst enemies.) This blingee was made in the thought of Khyana and Khinan. They are the two people I really love. When I say love, some might think 'in love' but people like me (girls that rather be a boy's friend than his girlfriend) would know that I mean I love Khyana and Khinan as my best friends. I've never had an argument with Khinan even though he used to get on my nerves all of the time. Every question I asked or statement I made, he would say "why." It used to get right on my nerves. I almost told him that I didn't want to be his friend anymore but after a while he stopped it. Thank goodness for that! Khyana on the other hand, I've only had one fight with her. When we were younger (9 or 10) Khyana wouldn't leave me alone. I just held a grudge for 2 months. She once came up to me asking, "Elarn do you like lions or tigers?" I then screamed at her, "Look, I don't even like you. I hate you." She ran off crying. I lost a friend because I held a grudge and unleashed my anger. We made up the next afternoon. But now we laugh at it. I waited two years before I called Khyana my best friend ever. It took me three years before I called Khinan my best friend. I couldn't have better friends than them two. Just this morning, I found out that there is one more person that loves me, Jacob. I've known him since primary. He rang me up today for a chat and I wasn't expecting a phone call off anyone. I have three true friends, Khyana, Khinan and Jacob. I love you. xoxo Elarn.
creato da: Elarn03

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amon // autumn rose

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lousei ha detto:

3527 days fa
Geweldig♥♥  5*****

Kaileychicago ha detto:

3527 days fa
awww 1000/5

4nothing ha detto:

3527 days fa
ohhh !! 
It's so lovely
& very beautifull..
stunning artwork !!! :)
Love it so much <3
well done ~~
+5* !!!

encaiva ha detto:

3527 days fa

gartenomi ha detto:

3527 days fa
..............@"""@     ☼*´*☼
..............(* o* )     ((*_*))famos
______(#). ♥.(#)    .,/█)
*****5*****        ._I.I_ =BUSSI=

Patrizia16 ha detto:

3527 days fa

ROSEROT ha detto:

3527 days fa
ist wunderschön

Ladywillie ha detto:

3527 days fa
Fantastic!!! 5* Gold Love The BG

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