The Twilight Saga Eclipse

The Twilight Saga Eclipse
Directed by: David Slade. Lead Roles: Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black and Ashley Greene and Alice Cullen The Twilight Saga started out as a book. It was something some people knew of and some people didn't really know about. But then November 21 2008 Twilight came to theaters. People saw it. Loved it and waited for the next one. Some people saw it then read the books and got obsessed with it. Of corse Kathrine Hardwick did a great job but she kinda mixed it up. New Moon came and it was Giant. November 20 2009 Everyone was at the theaters. Chris Wietz was god but I'm guessing he wanted the whole book in there but sometimes you just can't do that. Every scene was 2 minutes long and every non-important scene was extended. I thought it was good effort but I'm sure if he read the book's more he would have to shoot through the dark. And then something amazing happened. On June 30 2010 everything changed. Eclipse was one of the most action packed, sexiest most entertaining movie yet!. There were jokes such as Edward: "Doesn't he own a shirt?" and Bella: "Dad!, I'm a virgin!" IT was amazing. If it doesn't win for best kiss or best fight or anything at the teen choice award's I'm sewing someone. I'm so glad that David Slade had so much pazzaz and hard work into this and it paid off don't you worry. I can't wait for Breaking Dawn. I'm excited to see Breaking Dawn in 2 part's. Breaking Dawn part 1 Coming out November 18 2011. Team Edward! <3

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