Dark Secrets inside Bohemian Grove

Dark Secrets inside Bohemian Grove
Don't be surprised when you realize you're followed on every web site and that every where you go there seems to be someone who is a perp. That happens to me in the grocery store in different locations and by employee's in the store. At this point in my life, I would never date anyone because I know I can't trust anyone. It's hard to overcome dismissing my wants and needs but, I have always tried to challenge myself and set goals for myself so, its not hard for me not to fall in love with someone. I don't talk to people because of the fact that I know I can't trust people I meet on the job or in school. I have no potential's but, there is a young girl in Kroger who oddly follows me around the store, but she's so hot, its like the oddness of her is cute. If you saw her, you'd be flattered that she followed you around...in a creepy way. But, because I have lost my job and damn near my mind and I could've lost my life to suicide in 2008-2009, I don't even attempt to get closer to someone who I think could be a perp. I have just realized that I can't even day dream because my thoughts are manipulated with images. That is why I "draw" online. And not only are my thoughts under surveillance but, I have no privacy from the perps who watch me, to my previous employers having access to everything I do, say and write in my home. I came across a TI who slept with a perp or two and in the end, they only gave someone orders to stop the electronic harrassment but she still had to file for disability and she couldn't get job. And now, she's been assaulted (she broke up with the one guy she knew was a perp, and later broke up with a guy who she thought was a perp towards the end of their relationship). I would rather be electronically assaulted than physically have sex with a perp who doesn't even give me my freedom back. Right now I am just focusing on school because its the only option I have. I imagine I got a letter and call from Sullivan regarding computer graphic's because I wouldn't get much finanial aid and because my ride to and from school would be 5+ hours a day. Its odd knowing that a major college has access to my Blingee account from they opened my eyes to a career I have never thought of. You have to focus on yourself and what gets you by day by day. Don't do anything like hurt someone else physically or damage their property (on camera). Promote your channel online and to the public with flyers and blog that you're body was heated when it was heated. There are facts online that will back up what you say so, just copy, cut and paste the facts you research after saying you've been heated or electronically assaulted. Don't even think "I feel like I am going to break" and try not to think about your weaknesses (Connie Marshall told me that and it was some of the best advice). Make the people who watch you see that you're having fun and that nothing can hurt you. Have confidence and don't sulk into depression. Don't think too much and don't look for people on the streets because it makes you more paranoid. If you feel like someone is trying to get close to you, keep your distance but live your life. Talk to them but, don't drown them in your problems. Simply give them the address to your channel and then see if they ask you questions. If they don't, fuck them...they aren't interested in whats important to you. If they ask questions, tell them the truth and also tell them that you're a strong person and you're handling what you're going through on your own. Honestly....I wouldn't date people right now. Just think about it like this. Your whole life you have been told lies from parts of whats in the Bible to how its best to live the all american dream. Buy a house, a couple of cars for mom and dad and put your kids in a good school and pay for after school classes...life isn't about finding love. Once you realize that you're in the biggest mess ever and you see how the people you care about and love the most react, you'll reliaze that you have to love yourself first. I love my family but, I can live without them. There was a time when I thought I would kill myself if I lost someone close to me....no...I am living now and I handle everything on my own. I refuse to call the hotlines, but you can. You know you can't trust anyone. If you think you can, I am telling you that you can't because you'll learn the hard way if you think you can. Protect yourself but make yourself happy. Use people and move on. Use them in a good way and move on. Don't sweat your professional career being "ruined". You're not ruined because you're online fighting back and you still have opportunities. You are needed because a lot of TI's are getting younger and younger and we all don't have really good backgrounds. I have a medical receptionist background and alot of other guys are college students. We need a TI who's a lawyer;O) (thebattlesandthewar)
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Dark Secrets inside Bohemian Grove 


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