Close Your Eyes And See What You Believe

Close Your Eyes And See What You Believe
Sometimes it feels like I'll never go pass here. Sometimes it feels like I'm stuck forever, ever. But I'm going higher. Closer to my dreams. I'm Going higher and higher. I can almost reach. Sometimes you just have to let it go (let it go). leaving all my fears to burn and die. Push the all away so I can move on. Closer to my dreams. Feel it all over my being. In my being..... Close your eyes and seek what you believe. I know that i could not go alone. I'm moving higher, higher.. I'm going higher, and higher (echo). higher, and higher (echo). closer to my dream. I'm moving upward and onward and beyond all that I can see. Stretching out my arms so I can reach. I'm so close, It's like I can just reach. I can feel my dreams. Closer to my dreams. I'm moving closer to my dreams. i'm moving higher and higher. higher and higher (echo). Sometimes it feel like you'll never gonna change. But you never choose to walk away.
creato da: aliceiris711

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Goapele - Closer 

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