New Jersey part. 5 + 6

New Jersey part. 5 + 6
part.5 It was late and I put my favorite plate and rocked away, I turned round and looked towards the window. I saw that my curtains were not depressed as my neighbors have seen everything I have done it was just embarrassing because I did not show whether they had seen it or not and I really hope not. When I had to go and vent my dog the next morning I ran into Nick and I said sorry and he said it was okay and it looked as though he were about to die of laughter. Oh no, I thought he had seen me yesterday. Dancing around as some fucking weirdo who did not show what it did. Just before I was about to go he said "that he was healthy I was a good dancer" and I wait just for me and was quite red in the face and said "thanks" and went redirected and pretended not to hear. "When you were so spoken with her, Nick "," No I did not "" but when better luck next time" "thanks boys". After I had aired my dog I went out in our garden and played football with myself. part.6 It was a little boring but okay "hey Nick what are you looking at" "Who me, in no why Joe" "yes you blockhead who else and you are indeed looking over the hedge into our neighbor who happens to play football in his garden and looks rather hot out" "okay yes I do and then what" "nothing is quite okay, I would even do it if it were not because she has heard every word of what we said." I heard every word of what they said and I looked over at them and they ducked down so I could not see them again. But I could still hear them and they talked about everything between heaven and earth. I went to the bush to hear what they were talking about, so I went and listened to what they talked about. The next day my mom woke me with breakfast in bed and I enjoyed it all and I felt that I that I was born and raised here in the U.S.A. Today I am driving to and just hope that I composed it. "Whew, finally finished" "when what happened to tax "" I was gloss mother "not how well so you can go home" "yea why not it could be fun."
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it's cute !!!

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