There's Hope_India Arie (Question's & Answer's About Venus Project & Politic's)

There's Hope_India Arie (Question's & Answer's About Venus Project & Politic's)
1) I get that the meaning of Venus is bad but what about the Zeigeist Movement? I went to their website a while ago but, I didn't really like their idea's or solution's to "Saving Our Planet"...I'm not knocking their goals or website but, are you saying that the Venus Project is bad? _Answer: Z Movement is promoting the VP as its solution to the evils of patriotism, church etc. Its the solution put forward to what its sees are the problems in the world; problems that its masters are promoting; therefore PROBLEM REACTION SOLUTION Some technical ideas of the VP are probably ok; the VP is bigger then that as its a technocracy like in HG Wells "the share of things to come". Technocracies are rooted in failed marxists thinking who's founders were in realtity were rooted in the occult. I am trying to put together a film (in rough beta stage) that shows the politics of the VP/Z movement is rooted in such ideas etc. 2) Just asking because honestly, I'm pretty dumb when it comes to politic's and even the "big" words. But, I'm smart when it comes to "right from wrong" and having morals that respect other people. Like I read some article's on info wars and I get it but I think that if everyone needs to "wake up" there should be someone explaining world news in simple terms. Not just for me but, for the high school students and 15 year old mom's who eat McDonald's everyday for lunch. Answer_:Your right and I am learning as I go along too as far as concepts and how to put them simply; the trouble is there has been a deliberate dumbing of the masses for decades by design; it has given them distratctions like American Idol, reality programs etc to help this process along; the same people also own the media (in the US only 5 corps own most of the tv stations, radio etc). The reason for doing this video with the music is I wanted to convey ONE MAIN idea about the YP to people that would be fairly easy to grasp i.e. this YP is a technocracy is based on occult/marxist thinking 3) So, what I'm asking the Venus Project bad in general? I know it's a dumb question because I saw the devil and demons in your video but, gosh almost everything has a subliminal meaning these days....are you saying the zeigeist movement is bad for people? Answer_:In a word YES; it identifies the problem but sends people in the wrong direction; i.e. a scientific dictatorship as in HG Wells, "The shape of things to come". HG Wells film is for of Masonic subliminal messages; what would your expect from a person who also wrote New World Order. 4) Sorry to bother can get back to me whenever you have the time. And thanks again for loading video's...I dunno how so I appreicate people like you Answer_: No bother mate; I just hope I have been helpful The two things I would recommend is 1) Do the research yourself 2) listen to as much Willam Cooper as you can on his Mystery School religions. A lot of people don't do either and get suckered into every wind and fancy On the latter, Willaim or Bill Cooper is actually very accessable as how the 'system' works that most McD mom's could get it if they were bothered. Finally, the whole fight about the NWO has a spiritual dimension; it comes down to black and white good and evil in the end (the NWO is essentially Luciferian if you check the references and join the dots) and its main enemy the true followers of Jesus.
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