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The Little Mermaid
Smile and the whole world smiles with you [❤Strawberry❤]
I see beauty in everything [❤Strawberry❤]
Unstoppable, Unbreakable, Unbelievable [❤Strawberry❤]
Under the sea
There's so much pain  [❤Strawberry❤]
Enjoy the little things [❤Strawberry❤]
Look at you! Glowing like a solar fire.
Disney Summer Paradise
Sweet dreams are made of this [❤Strawberry❤]
I think you're magic [❤Strawberry❤]
【ȶɦɛ ᏰᏝᎧᎧᎴ ɨռ ȶɦɛֆɛ ʋɛɨռֆ ɯαʂɳ'ƚ քʊʍք Ⴆҽϝσɾҽ】

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