gwen666 ha detto:

4020 days fa
Really Beautiful!!! i love santa
Merry Christmas for all your family and for you my friend!!!Love

bigdaddyweakley ha detto:

4023 days fa
This is a beautiful bling mary! 5 million stars, gorgeous.
PS Love this bling, but i have to remove from blingee patrol page, cuz it is just for BP blings & Warnings Blings, k hon (huggies)

scorpio39 ha detto:

4023 days fa
lovin' this vintage santa blingee!

Anahuarque ha detto:

4024 days fa
One of your vintage's very best of many Mary! Lord, God bless that talent my friend! You're simply gifted!

Darklingangel ha detto:

4025 days fa
vintage perection a wonderful christmas masterpiece

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